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Herbs for Stress Relief

Sometimes a lovely cup of tea is just the remedy you may need to alleviate anxiety and release stress.Chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants . The tea helps to relax and promote sleep.Valerian tea is one of my favorites. Valerian is very calming, apparently the herb works by lowering cortisol

As with all herbs consult your doctor especially if you are already on medication.

Managing Stress in 2018 and beyond !!!

Welcome to 2018 !!! This year we are going to focus on ways that we can alleviate , release or remove stress from our lives. We are going to share coping tips, diets, retreats, anything that will help to manage stress.

Self -care is vital , take time out to relax. It is important and taking time out for yourself will be beneficial to your overall health. In all things balance is key.

If you would like to share tips feel free !!!