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The Official Better Mus' Come Poster... In theaters isla... on Twitpic


HELPJAMAICA is a great group that is dedicated to improving literacy in Jamaica.

PON Di Road #3: How about a 3,280ft plunge through gorgeous rainforests ...

PON Di ROAD #5: Dunn's River

Black Women Short Hairstyles Going Natural

Of the Beaten Track Mikuzi , Port Antonio

We love to introduce people to beautiful places in Jamaica that is off the beaten track. Portland is one of the best places in the Jamaica for lush scenery and natural beauty, Check out the lovely Mikuzi Guest Houses in Fairy Hill

Sage Tea Benefits

Periwinkle Tea Benefits


PON Di ROAD #4: Eating at EVITA'S

PON Di ROAD #2 | Faith's Pen = FOOD. It's a traditional travel stop en r...

Funny Jamaican website

Benefits of Sardines

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Turmeric for Beauty


MAUI- Sexy Summer Beach Party

Maui the sexiest beach party ever will be at WAVES Beach Club in Portmore next to Fort Clarence . Admission free with invite  $500 before 7 pm $1000 after