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Homemade moisturizer
Homemade Moisturizers: Prepare Yourself

Moisturizer is a lotion, which keeps the skin moisturized, supple and smooth. It also helps to remove makeup from skin. Moisturizer is an essential for any type of skin and for protecting the upper layer of skin from air. There are many moisturizers available in the market. But there are many recipes available to make them at home using natural products. These are simple recipes and easy to prepare at homemade moisturizers.

Homemade Moisturizers

Wheat Germ Oil Moisture Cream

Take 3 Tbsp of wheat germ oil, 3 tbsp of honey, one oz of rosewater, witch hazel and glycerin each. Blend all the ingredients completely to make a cream. Store it in airtight jar for further use.

Protein Moisturizer from egg

Beat one egg and add one cup of milk to it. Beat them well to form a paste. Pour into an airtight bottle and refrigerate it.

Aloe Vera moisturizer

Mix equal quantities of aloe…

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