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Bio Oil

Well I have stubborn skin . So I tried Bio Oil which I hear fades scar and softens skin . Well it softens the skin but its not fading the scar. What am I doing wrong if anyone knows what I am doing wrong please tell me . I am trying with it but I don't see the fuss

Natural Remedies - Beauty from the inside

As women most of the problems we have with skin or hair are because of hormonal imbalance. Hormone imbalances can cause things like skin breakouts, delayed menstruation, miserable pms symptoms lots of things. Most of our remedies are right in the herbal stores. Today, black cohosh is used primarily as a nutritional supplement for hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, vaginal dryness and other symptoms that can occur during menopause, as well as for menstrual cramps and bloating.
Visit Fit for Life in Kingston or Life Essentials Limited in the Portmore Pines Mall . Sometimes maybe we should consider natural products instead of looking for the remedies in topical products . Remember with diet and exercise you can become very beautiful on the inside which will show on your skin beautifully


In Jamaica our complexions run the gamut of shades. Sometimes you might be a little pale and you don;'t have the time to head to the beach or it may not be safe to be at the beach . Well I have been trying the Jergens Natural Glow. Although people believe that we live on the beach here that may not be the he case most of us have to work in offices day in and day out and the face might be dark and the rest of the body might be pale or discolored. Try it I like it the smell is not so great but the results are very attractive.

Jamaica full of surprises

You know when people abroad think of Jamaica they think of sand , beach, reggae and this country is so much more. The designers are innovative, here is another designer who is talented check this out
She is truly a visionary ,a genius

Wickedest hair dresser in Jamaica

I should not be exposing this but i must. If you need to have a wicked , professional weave done, where not even your mother would believe its yours check Sharon, shop 119 in princeville plaza on constant spring . She is the baddest think out there .If you want her email leave a comment and I will forward it . She bad like wha. Plenty of people walking around with fabulous weaves but noone can tell

SHoes in Jamaica

Here is the website for my new favorite shoe store in New Kingston check it out

More Yummy Jewelry from Jamaica

I 've been getting email about this jewelry line so here are some more pieces from the Reve Collection

Under Eye Help

Do you have undereye issues, dark under the eyes or crows feet . I recommend Neutrogena eye cream. Very inexpensive and very effective . I am quite a fan of this company they never seem to disappoint

Beautiful Portland

There is this beautiful property that I must share with you. Its called Yahimba and its in/on Long Bay Portland Jamaica. Gorgeous, no tv, no noise , just the sound of the waves beating . I recommend this spot if you want to try something different in Jamaica away from all inclusives and the usual tourist stuff. Is beautiful . I went there with a friend stressed and when I returned to work I was so relaxed. It will take you about a day to forget about the usual noise of people , tv and other distractions. And because the waves are so grand on that side of the island you easily can become drunk by it. The locals are pleasant and they leave you alone. The huts , yes I said huts,are right on the beach. The restaurant is average and they close early but there is this lovely open air restaurant on the same beach thats owned by this lovely man from Denmark named Robert, that spot is a must for excellent Jamaican food

Yummy Jamaican Candles and Soaps

I went shopping with my cousin who was visiting from London for some nice candles and we visited Star Fish Oils in Manor Park . The candles that they make are insane especially Mango Tangerine and Vanilla Almond. The citronella candle is a favorite of mine anyway for mosquitoes . But the fruity candles are really lovely and the soaps are divine , the coffee scented soap will get you going any time of day. The Bob Marley One Love candle is also fab , the scent of lemongrass is so soothing .

Fabulous book for women

I found this wonderful book at Sangsters Book Store, in Kingston the book is like my bible now. It is a handbook on how to express yourself in business and in life . I definetly suggest that all women of color read this fabulous manual on life, beauty and style. Kimora Lee Simmonds is the author of this book and trust me I its impressive.

Fashion in Jamaica

Recently checked out some lovely designers if you can't check it out, check out theses really nice websites from these Jamaican designers,

Natural beauty remedies

some of the best beauty items can be found in our own back yards, this is one of the perks in living in this beautiful country. If you have a mosquito bite or even a pimple cutting a piece of Aloe Vera and rubbing it with the gel will speed up the healing. ALoe Vera is also helpful with burns , you know , you using the curling iron or your hair dresser burns you with the relaxer. Just rub aloe on it , we sometimes take advantage of the helpful things mother nature has blessed us with.

Rough Feet in Jamaica

You know in Jamaica , we wear slippers or sandals all the time and it can take a toll on our feet. To maintain smooth feet try this lotion by Neutrogena, I have been looking for something for a long time and I have tried AVON and Dr.Shools but this product is the best . Believe