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Beauty Delivery in Jamaica

Found this place by accident but they deliver all the cosmetic stuff that we see advertised on tv but maybe we can't find them here or we don't have the time to hunt down,like poractiv, all the latest cosmetics that you see on infomercials. Check them out

For the Goddesses !!!

I am always on the hunt for that perfect mosturizer. That is my mission so I will pass on something that I have been using Aveeno Positively Radiant, it bad meaning good. You know in jamaica believe it or not the weather is up and so a slight change in temperature can make very smooth skin rough, but this product surprised me after the first week you will definetly feel an improvement in your texture. Excellent

Jamaican Online Magazine

Just discovered this online magazine its really cute. We need more glamour magazines out of Jamaica. I appreciate cosmo and glamour and InStyle. But do they really speak to "us" . I don't think so heck out :// or

make up deprivation in Jamaica

In Jamaica we have so many things, when people visit they cannot believe how ahead of the game we are but boy I really miss some things that you can only seem to get in the states. I know all the expensive cosmetics can be found here and there but where are the Wet n Wild cosmetics. Sometime you just want an inexpensive bronzer or lipstick and all you can find is Jordana. A few years ago I bought a Wet n Wild bronzer in las Vegas and let me tell you it was a hit . Sometimes its the little things...........Simple , pretty and flawless

Our Skin

castor oil and cocoa butter ( the bar of cocoa butter) is very good for removing those tiny little black things on our faces that we in Jamaica call warts. i am not sure why it works but I read it in a Jamaican Herbal book and it actually works.

Foundation for Jamaican Ladies

The LOREAL HIP foundation is smooth and flawless. Nice for our skin, if there is something out there better please tell us about it . I actually use the 805 cappuchino and now it is so hard to find out here , I went to the pharmacy at AMART on Barbican and the lame pharmacy in Loshusun Plaza, Monarch Pharmacy where you are lucky if you can get decent service at the cosmetics counter and that is the one color no one seems to stock. But let me tell you its a nice , fabulous foundation.

Fab Jewelry from Jamaica.

Just discovered this fabulous Jewelry company called Reve check it out nice eclectic