Mango Leaves

If you are blessed with a mango tree on your premises, you might not be properly benefitting from it. The succulent orb, known as the "King of all Fruits" is nutritious and delicious.  Mangoes are practically edible sunshine. But have you given thought to the leaves? Tea made from mango leaves can help with diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and even respiratory issues

The leaves contain anthocyanins and tannins are effective in the early stages of diabetes.  The leaves may improve insulin production as well as the distribution center of glucose. Boiled mango leaves may also lower blood pressure.

The tea also has a calming effect which may help with anxiety.  The tea mixed with honey helps with bronchial issues.

"Queen Jamaica" by Alley Bless


Hawthorn Berries for Heart Health

A brilliant herb that I have been suggesting to friends over the past few years is Hawthorn Berry.

Hawthorn Berries may help with heart-related problems.
1. Lowers high blood pressure
2. Decreases inflammation
3. Maybe a natural remedy for avoiding and treating angina
4. May reduce LDL (bad cholesterol)
5.Tones the heart
6.Improves symptoms of fatigue and  shortness of breath

These are just a few of its benefits. Consult with your physician before using.

Herbs for the Pancreas

The pancreas is a glandular organ. It is often ignored until something goes wrong. The pancreas is important for digestion and the endocrine process. There are certain herbs that might help to repair and help keep the pancreas healthy. As with anything with your health please get a consultation from your doctor before using.

Herbs for a healthy pancreas.

Horsetail- aids in healing damaged tissue which deteriorates due to inflammation caused by pancreatitis

Dandelion- is effective against pancreatic cancer cells, it  also flushes out toxins from the intestines
Goldenseal- a very popular herb amongst other things lowers blood sugar

Guinea hen weed - a popular anti-cancer herb

Licorice Root - has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties

Bitter Melon- There are studies that bitter melon may kill pancreatic cancer cells (in the absence of diabetes)

Soursop leaf tea - may regulate blood sugar

please speak to your doctor before adding herbs to your diet and do research for yourself.

Sandy's Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Over the past few years, the International Beauty Community have caught on to what Jamaicans have always known. Jamaican black castor oil is filled with so many benefits for your hair and for your skin.

Ricinoleic acid or Omega 9 plus omega-6in JBCO improves the blood circulation to your scalp thereby encouraging hair growth and hair strength. JBCO also is anti-aging anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial.

Jamaican black castor oil is processed in a traditional way without adulteration and is alkaline compared to the slightly acidic plain castor oil.
Benefits of JBCO:
1. Natural laxative
2. Moisturizer
3. Promotes wound healing
4. Reduces acne
5. Arthritis remedy
6. May get rid of stretch marks
7. Relieves constipation
8. Lengthen eyelashes
9. Thicken eyebrows
10.  removes moles

Sandy's Castor Oil, 100% Raw Jamaican Black Castor Oil, is purely organic and salt-free.  Sandy's Castor Oil is made in Manchester, Jamaica, will deliver worldwide and locally, contact them a…

Herbs for Constipation

Due to stress, poor eating or illness, our bodies may have difficulties in eliminating waste. Senna pod tea can help.
Senna can help with the most stubborn occurrences of constipation. Stay hydrated and to cut potential cramping add ginger to the tea.

Other herbs that may cleanse the colon

Aloe Vera
Marshmallow Root
Slippery Elm

Advise your physician before adding herbal remedies to your diet.

My Plans for this week

There are some herbal things that I plan to do this week  I will post them on this blog so I can keep myself accountable.  I will post and keep you guys up to date..

I am going to make :
thyme oil
Aloe vera oil
Batch of turmeric moisturizer
Rice water rinse for my hair

I also need to pickle my scotch bonnet peppers from my garden.

Also I need to sew some bags for shopping.