Treasure Beach -Turtles' Nest Villa

I love to share images and information on properties that are located in my favorite parish. Treasure Beach is a lovely, sleepy community located in St Elizabeth. I spoke to a friend the other day who lives abroad and happens to be a travel agent. She is also Jamaican, she has never heard of Treasure Beach and part of me thinks that's a shame and the other part wants to keep that piece of heaven under wraps. I worked with hotels in Negril and I have been all over the island, but Treasure Beach is my favorite. It depends what you are looking for, if you want quaint, laid back and quiet this is the community for you.

The property I am showing off today is the gorgeous Turtles' Nest Villa, a gorgeous three bedroom villa located between the Great Pedro Pond and the Caribbean Sea. Turtles' Nest Village can accommodate 6 people.  The property has all the amenities you will need which includes a chef, a driver, maid service, wifi a secluded beach and more!!!


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

If you suffer from menstrual cramps I strongly recommend Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. I use this when I am feeling discomfort and within five minutes no more pain. You can buy it in the powdered form, loose or in the tea bags.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea tightens and tones the uterus which helps to reduce cramps as well as balancing hormones. You can try drinking the tea in the days leading to your next period. The tea also helps with PMS symptoms like headaches, moodiness, anxiety. 

Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands located above your kidneys regulate hormones that control blood sugar, sex hormones metabolism and cortisol . If the adrenals are unbalanced they can either produce too much hormones or too little. 
Herbs that may balance the adrenals are :

Ashwagandha-reduces inflammation, lowers stress and may stabilize thyroid hormones.

Holy Basil- helps with anxiety and stress.

Rhidiola-helps body reduce irritability also reduces inflammation.

Chammomile can relax and is a mild sedative.

Licorice- encourages hormonal imbalances.

Herbs to Manage Anxiety and Depression

Are you having issues with depression and anxiety.  Here are some herbs that may help. St John's Wort Chamomile Valerian (my favorite) can cause drowsiness, it smells kind of bad but it helps with insomnia Ashwagandha Lemon Balm Breathe , meditate , accept that you can't control anything .

Hummingbird Cottage- Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach is one of my favorite communities in Jamaica. I love the area so much I don't even want to share it with others, I know that's selfish.

Treasure Beach is a sleepy fishing village in St Elizabeth.  The community is fairly isolated from other tourist centers. But the area is beautiful and the people are so friendly.

Hummingbird Cottage is a gorgeous guest house available for rental to guests who desire a laid back, quiet stay.  If you are interested you can contact  Annie James (manager) 1-876-562-3823 or email

ALLOR Herbal Teas

I found this new product in the supermarket and I just have to share . Allor herbal teas are smooth tasting and a perfect addition to your morning tea ritual.

Soursop/Moringa with Lemongrass , the combination of herbs in this tea  may help lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar as well as reduce inflammation. Guinea Hen Weed fight cancer cells , relieves inflammation and minimizes blood clots. 

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Herbs and Foods to Improve Brain Health

For whatever reason most people when they think of  herbs and diet they hardly focus in the brain. The brain is the motherboard,  we need to take care of it. There are some herbs and foods that may help improve brain function.  So add these items to your shopping list.


Gingko Bilboa