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Yummy skin products made in Jamaica

found some yummy skin products made in jamaica with goats milk check out their website . its exciting when fabulous products are made in jamaica

Anything new ?????

Although i try to keep up with everything and fabulous , I must admit that somethings past me . if you know of a product that you want some feedback on feel free to leave a comment. i am not the only one trying the products I have a captured group of almost 200 people who work with me in my other business and they use and experiment with all types of beauty products. So drop me a line . P.S. this includes new stores and jewelry and it must be in Jamaica.

Body Oils

I suffer from dry skin, I am always on the hunt for anything that would make my skin supple. Well when I include fish oil in my diet it helps . But I have been in love with Palmers cocoa butter oil the smell is wonderful and when it actually sinks into the skin it is wonderful. well last month for some reason I couldn't find it so I tried Neutrogena sesame Oil and it was a disappointment for me , the smell wasn't for me and it did nothing for my stubborn skin. Just my opinion what do you use to make your skin supple give us some advice homemade or store bought we will try it .