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Leaves and soursop pulp

Leaves and soursop pulp

Leaves and soursop pulp It is a plant that grows in tropical areas in Central America and South America, especially in the Amazon. It is also known as soursop, GuanĂ¡bano, Catuche, Catoche, Anona Mexico, Graviola, Anona India, Mole. The fruit is very delicate dark green covered with soft spines. Is relatively large and very thin shell. Should be harvested before they mature. The flesh is white, creamy, meaty, juicy and slightly acidic, measuring 2-3 cm long, can weigh 2.5 kg. All plant parts are used in natural medicine, including bark, leaves, roots and fruits, but the part that contains the greatest concentration of active ingredient is the leaf, where the Annonaceae acetogenins, which have been widely studied from the 1940 that came into use as an insecticide, leading to surprise scientists for its broad power, without causing any harmful effects in animals and man, so they agreed to fund research where, each day discovering new properties, which, as a result of…

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Breadfruit leaf tea

I have an aunt who suffered with high blood pressure for years. She moved back to Jamaica in her 60's and decided to give up on medication and take care of her ailments verbally  Every morning she drank breadfruit leaf tea for over 11 years . Breadfruit Leaf tea is known to stabilize the blood pressure.  Recently she went back to New York and after months of not taking her herbs she is back on blood pressure medicine.  She has been in New York since June and in that time her blood pressure sky rocketed and she had a stroke.  She is doing everything possible to come back to Jamaica to get back to  her herbal routine .

To make breadfruit leaf tea pick the leaf off of the tree (not from the ground ) , boil 2 cups of water remove water from heat and then place the leaves in the water and allow it to steep. Then sweeten to taste.

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Lemon Juice tips

Its so exciting to see lemons all over Jamaica now. Believe or not ,lemons were rare here , we are a lime country . But considering the benefits of this fruit there is no excuse to ignore it .
. Although lemons are acidic to taste they make the body alkaline which is beneficial in balancing the ph of our bodies. They are also a wonderful stimulant to the liver .Lemon juice on fried foods is said to break up grease and fat making it easy to digest  Among other things lemons are anti bacterial, can help with constipation, anti cancer and high in vitamin C. The supermarkets have them in abundance and even the farmers markets are selling them. Buy them and  drink some lemon water in the mornings, squeeze it in your salads. This wonderful fruit is a treasure .

Moby's "Big Buss" in May Pen !!!

Exposing   New, Positive Talent!!! Moby’s Records has been producing the extremely popular Big Buss talent show at Moby’s in May Pen Clarendon.  Big Buss started in November and will commence on the 27th of December 2012. Moby’s , Clarendon’s popular hangout spot is   located at 12 Fernleigh Avenue in the bustling town of May Pen. 
Ryan Singh producer of Moby’s Records organized this weekly event   which is hosted by Lady Whitney to showcase the talent that exists in Clarendon and surrounding parishes.  Big Buss   attracts hundreds every week   to support their hometown favorites. 
The singers, dj’s, and sing jays must keep their music positive and clean to participate. The finals will be heldThursday December 27, 2012. The winner will receive a cash prize of $20,000 , a recording of their original song produced by Moby’s Records and a music video to accompany the tune. There is still time to enter email   or call 902-8473 to enter Moby’s Big Buss .

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Herbs for Cold and Flu

Herbs for Cold and Flu

Herbs for Cold and FluAh, winter. Yes, it's cold and flu season again and you're looking for some relief. Although colds and flus are caused by different types of viruses, both can leave you feeling tired, coughing, feverish, achy and foggy-headed. You've probably discovered that conventional medicine has little to offer the bleary-eyed sufferer. Over-the-counter remedies such as aspirin, and even prescription drugs, only suppress symptoms; they don't cure the illness or make you well any faster. While antihistamines dry sinuses, they can also irritate your nose and throat and prolong the infection. As for antibiotics, including penicillin, they don't target viruses at all and should only be prescribed if a bacterial infection follows the cold or flu. Simply suppressing symptoms can impair your body's natural ability to fend off disease. Symptoms tell you what's wrong and what to do about it. Headaches, sore muscles and feeling tired ind…

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