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Reve Jewelry at Devon House

Hi here are some new pictures from Reve Jewelry .    

Safe deodorant

if you need to use a deodorant without the harmful chemicals try crystal deodorant. I used to have issues with regular deodorant (inflammations ) but this Crystal stick when used properly is awesome. Just wet it and rub your arm pits in long strokes like 10 times and you will reap the benefits and keep yourself healthy at the same time

skin remedies

I found this wonderful salve at a health food store in Portmore.  Its called Harrison's Aloe and Comfrey Salve . If you have rough skin , rashes or itches it totally soothes and softens the skin its really wonderful . I have been using it on mosquito bites and i am happy with the results .  The company is called Sheffield herbs and Spices Ltd  and they are based in Westmoreland their number is 876-957-3264

Beauty Benefits of Rosehip

Rosehip Oil - Pure Natural Skin Care TreatmentIt is widely accepted both by dermatologists and skin care professionals that Rosehip Oil and Rosehip Oil based skin care products are among the most effective and most natural products on the market today.Due to its natural content of trans-retinoic acids in a natural state as part of a complex system of unsaturated essential fatty acids, rosehip oil is recognised as an effective treatment in helping to regenerate damaged skin tissues and has been proven to reduce the following:ScarringStretch marksPsoriasis ScarringEczema ScarringLumps from scarringHyper-pigmentationDermatitisPro-longed Sun ExposureFine lines and wrinklesSkin burnsFacial Acne ScarringChicken pox ScarringRosehip Oil is most effective when used to re-hydrate skin. As you age the ability of your skin to produce the natural oils your skin needs to look young and stay healthy is diminished and by applying rosehip oil or rosehip oil based skin care products to your skin you ca…

Beauty from the inside out: Rosemary

Rosemary - The Hidden Health Benefits Of This Well Known Herb

Rosemary (Rosmarinusofficinalis) is a well-known culinary herb. However, you may not be aware that rosemary extract has a long history of medicinal uses too. It has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, including stomach upsets, digestive disorders and headaches. Recent research is now revealing even more benefits attached to this remarkable herb...

However, beyond being a flavouring-enhancer for certain foods and its use in cosmetics, you may not be aware that rosemary extract has a long history of medicinal uses too. It has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, including stomach upsets, digestive disorders and headaches. 

Recent research is now revealing even more benefits attached to this remarkable herb, including its ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the functioning of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling. 

Two of the most important ingredients in rosema…

Beauty from the inside out pt 1

We all know by now that true , natural beauty  comes from the inside. This means what we eat and drink daily will show itself on our skin . 
Flax seed, also known as linseed, is noted to have high nutritional value, making it a priority choice of food for health conscious people. Flax seed has the natural properties of fiber, lignans and omega-3 fatty acids that provide preventative and restorative abilities to your diet. There are two types of flax seed. One type is grown for the seed use and considered an oil seed variety. The other is grown specifically for fiber production to be utilized in the texture industry.Even though flax seed has been around since the dawn of civilization, it is more recently that mainstream society is beginning to understand its relevance to a healthy life. Nutritionists, physicians, and health conscious individuals are quickly becoming passionate about the health benefits of flax seed.The health benefits of Flaxseed are as follows.Richest source of omega f…

African Beauty Tips

Shea Butter & Shea Oil
Shea butter and shea oil are made from the nut of the shea tree, or karite tree as it is called in Africa. The tree grows in 12 countries on the African continent, and most of the world`s shea butter comes from Burkina Faso. Nutrient rich shea butter and oil are used in many popular commercial products for shiny hair, a health scalp, to reduce wrinkles and to protect hair and skin from the damaging effect of the sun and pollution. Shea butter or oil can be applied by itself to treat skin conditions and has been used to treat stretch marks.

In North Africa, lavender was used as a folk remedy to protect women from being mistreated by their husbands. Although you may not need to use it for the same purpose, the many beneficial qualities of lavender make it a good choice for getting your husband to notice you more. Lavender is a natural deodorant, tonic, antiseptic and insecticide. Use lavender water made by steeping a tablespoon of lavender in a cup of wa…

Mayan beauty Tips

Make an Avocado Face Mask
Avocadoes were a highly revered part of the Mayan beauty regimen. Mash ½ of a fresh ripe avocado and apply it evenly to your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse it with tepid water. This mask is good for hydrating dry skin, and can be a helpful winter skin treatment.

Try Rose Hip Seed Oil for Minor Skin Blemishes
Rose hip seed oil is a South American remedy for decreasing the signs of scars, aging, and uneven coloration of the skin. Find a commercial product made with the oil, or purchase it online and mix it with olive oil for a nightly facial treatment.

Mix Chaparral and White Sage to Make a Free Radical Fighter
Chaparral and white sage are both antioxidants that have the effect of inhibiting the growth of free radicals and destroying the ones that have already formed. To make a cleanser that works against them, mix a tablespoon of chaparral and a tablespoon of white sage. Combine them with a cup of cold water, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, a…

Beauty Tips from India

Everyone wants to look their best and as beautiful as they can. Many of us spend a lot of money on branded beauty products and on numerous visits to the beauty parlor. There are a number of simple beauty treatments that we can use with things that are easily available in our homes. Here are a few home beauty tips that you can try using things from the kitchen without any extra cost.

To remove puffiness from the eyelids, massage a drop of very fresh castor oil on to them.
To cool your eyes, make eye pads using thick slices of cucumber. Another option is to use cotton pads soaked in cold milk. Lie down and place them on your closed eyes and relax for a while.

Putting a drop of rose water into each eye just before you sleep can also refresh you eyes.
To prevent your lips from chapping, use hot water fermentation on your lips and then apply a mixture of vaseline and honey. Apply this mixture about three times a week.
To prevent your lips from drying you can use a ground mixture or rose petals …