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Virgin Olive Oil and Joint Pain

I read years ago that virgin olive oil helps with joint pain.  I even told other people to use  it but I have never done it . Many people who have been through Chic V /Chikungunya complain of arthritic pain months even years later.  I suggested and used turmeric myself , but I just  started using Virgin Olive Oil to treat my joint pain . I started with  two teaspoons in the morning  and I am pleased .  After my bout with  Chic V I suffered through flares of joint pain in my fingers , knees and my ankles. especially in the mornings. Now after 8 days ,barely a twinge, after day one I felt improvements.  I am too young for arthritis and inflammation in the body is problematic in the long run.

If you are already taking medication please consult with your doctor.

Iron Deficiency

There are two types of iron heme and non-heme. Heme iron comes from dairy , meat , poultry and fish . Non-heme comes from plant based foods, spinach, beans lentils and some cereals .

I learned this the other day, that  I was iron deficient but although I increased my iron intake I was still lethargic and just plain ill. Well I learned that its the foods that we are combining with our supplements  affect the body's absorption of iron.  For example grains, eggs, beets , coffee and teas inhibit the absorption of non heme iron. So since I am a coffee addict, tea drinker, brown rice eater and I juice beets constantly my body was not holding on to the non-heme iron which my body needed.
But Vitamin C combined with non-heme iron will help your body to absorb it. So if your diet is plant based add Vitamin C rich vegetables or fruits .  Or combine the supplements  so if you  are taking your iron supplement take your vitamin C supplement at the same time .  This has helped me immensely .