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Damzl Energy Drink

Since I burn the candle at both ends I always need an energy drink or coffee or something to give me that kick sometimes. Well I went to Rory's Texaco on Constant Spring Road in Kingston and I bought this drink that is just for women called DAMZL it is the tastiest energy drink I ever tried. It also has vitamins and the best part contains zero sugar . I am totally a fan now

Grape Seed Oil for the Face and Body.

With the high cost of everything nowadays try this fab at home face scrub. brown sugar with grape seed oil. Grape  seed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, its anti comedogenic ( does not clog pores), It locks in moisture and tightens the skin . It has vitamin C, D , E and fatty acids which can help to diminish scars and wrinkles. If you see this lovely elixir in the store give it a try .