Breadfruit leaf tea

I have an aunt who suffered with high blood pressure for years. She moved back to Jamaica in her 60's and decided to give up on medication and take care of her ailments verbally  Every morning she drank breadfruit leaf tea for over 11 years . Breadfruit Leaf tea is known to stabilize the blood pressure.  Recently she went back to New York and after months of not taking her herbs she is back on blood pressure medicine.  She has been in New York since June and in that time her blood pressure sky rocketed and she had a stroke.  She is doing everything possible to come back to Jamaica to get back to  her herbal routine .

To make breadfruit leaf tea pick the leaf off of the tree (not from the ground ) , boil 2 cups of water remove water from heat and then place the leaves in the water and allow it to steep. Then sweeten to taste.


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