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I Support Jamaica Projects


A project of Liberty Hall, the Garvey Multimedia Computer Centre was established in 2004 from funds donated by the National Housing Trust and the Friends of Liberty Hall.  Since then the computers have been regularly serviced, however, given the pace of technological advancement, the computers have become virtually obsolete.  Four out of the nine computers are no longer operable and require replacement, and the dedicated laser printer also purchased in 2004 is no longer working.  Refurbishing the computer centre requires replacing the computers with the HP Multi Seat Computing Solution that links six monitors with one CPU; and acquisition of a laser printer dedicated to the Computer Centre.


Donations will go towards retooling of the Computer Centre which will increase the efficiency of the Adult Computer Classes allowing teachers to maximize the time spent navigating students through learning the programmes and reduce the student’s frustration caused by the slowness of the machines.  Students will also be able to print their work from their stations.


Located in Kingston, Jamaica, the Garvey Multimedia Computer Centre serves the needs of adults and children from surrounding downtown inner-city communities and beyond (Greater Portmore, Spanish Town, Bull Bay, Gordon Town, Golden Spring).  The centre offers a number of courses, including an 18-Week Computer Literacy Programme, which gives adults the opportunity to learn computing for a very low fee of J$300.00 per class.  Through this programme hundreds of adults have been trained in computer skills and there is an increased demand for advanced classes, classes on evenings and weekends, as well as classes that are certified by HEART.  The latter are being explored and discussions can only be strengthened with the introduction of new computers.
You can learn more about Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey by visiting their website


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